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David L. Gurnee

The Adventures of
The Busy Little Mouse

is the sweet story of a little mouse who gets easily distracted, but gets comfort and encouragement from her Mama. With light rhymes and gorgeous watercolor illustrations, this book is a perfect gift for any new parent or special little one. It can educate, empower, and inspire every child who has tremendous curiosity and big dreams!

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(on one CD!)

Romantic instrumental music inspired by life on Mackinac Island.

"Beautiful music. It sounds so much like the soundtrack of a movie that I can't help but create pictures in my mind as I hear the songs. The music is so deeply moving and passionate. I've never come across another CD like it."
Author, Christopher Knight (aka: Jonathan Rand)

"Such moving music. And I love the way the sounds of Mackinac Island are tastefully interwoven with the music."
Bill Shepard, Author of The Somewhere in Time Story

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A poignant love story of tragedy and hope.
An intense drama of intrigue and suspense.

Each day, people unknown to each other make decisions that cause their lives to converge. Sometimes these convergences can be catastrophic, and sometimes healing. John Harrison, a writer from Northern Michigan, and police officer Natalie Hebert, a Cajun uprooted from Southern Louisiana, experience both in Michigan's Les Cheneaux Islands.

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A story of romance and time travel, action and adventure, that spans three eras of Mackinac Island's history.

“There is a love that surpasses romantic love. It is called sacrificial love. And it is the most romantic love that I have ever known.”

David Andrews had never felt at home, that is, until he came to Mackinac Island — a place where time seemed to stand still, a place reminiscent of simpler days. But a journey back in time shows him those days were not so simple. Will the love he finds in the past make his perilous journey worthwhile?

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Since the 2016 presidential election, many on the Left (and on the Right) are still in denial. They can’t accept that they lost the election, or if they do accept it, they still don’t know the real reasons why they lost.

To win, you must not only know why you lost, but you must also know thine enemy. So here’s a look into the world of one Trumpster who has advocated for a President Trump since Mitt Romney lost the election in 2012.

If you are a Trump supporter, this book will convince you even more that you made the right decision in electing Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America.


This novella is permanently out-of-print and is not available from WindTime Publications.


This proposed sequel/prequel to Somewhere in Time was inspired by the movie's poignant opening scene. In this scene Elise McKenna sits alone in the darkness waiting for her opportunity to give a young playwright, Richard Collier, a watch, and to utter the enigmatic words, "Come back to me." The underlying emotion of the scene, and possibly of the entire film, comes from the fact that she had been waiting for this day for sixty years!

• What had Elise been through in those sixty years?
• How did she discover where Richard Collier had come from?
• How did she find him?

Memoirs of Elise answers these questions in a manner that is loyal to the original story. Come back with me!

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