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David L. Gurnee

Besides bringing me to Mackinac Island, writing Memoirs of Elise helped me to realize that I loved crafting plots, scenes, and dialog - processes of screenwriting. So after writing my second novel, A Love of Time, I tried my hand at adapting it to a screenplay, and once I learned the format, found I was very comfortable with the screenwriting process. So much so that, my novel Amy's Flowers was first written as a screenplay and then afterwards novelized. Over the last few years, I've co-written two stageplays and have found the stage format to be the most comfortable and enjoyable for me of all story telling forms.

My first love was music. I started playing guitar at the age of 11, and rocked out for 33 years. But while working on Memoirs of Elise I discovered and fell hopelessly in love with classical music. This inspired the composition of two filmscore-like music CDs, with a third one in the works.

My most recent works are The Busy Little Mouse (a children's book which was illustrated by my Ukrainian in-laws), and Memoirs of a Trumpster (a political chronicle of the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections).

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