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David L. Gurnee

     I never wanted to be a writer. Twenty years ago when I wrote Memoirs of Elise, I did it out of necessity, to outline my ideas for a prequel movie to Somewhere in Time. Having no experience in screenwriting, I thought the simplest way to get my ideas down would be as a novella. I fully (and naively) expected someone would take those ideas and make a movie out of them. I would continue computer consulting, and that would be the end of the matter. But life is never quite that simple, is it?
     Besides bringing me to Mackinac Island, writing Memoirs of Elise helped me to realize that I loved crafting plots, scenes, and dialog - processes of screenwriting. So after writing my second novel, A Love of Time, I tried my hand at adapting it to a screenplay, and once I learned the format, found I was very comfortable with the screenwriting process. So much so that, my novel Amy's Flowers was first written as a screenplay and then afterwards novelized. Over the last few years, I've co-written two stageplays and have found the stage format to be the most comfortable and enjoyable for me of all story telling forms.
     My writing has been considerably influenced by having lived on Mackinaw Island and in Kiev Ukraine, and by having traveled to 27 countries. One recent project was writing a children's book which was illustrated by my Ukrainian in-laws.
     My first love was music. I started playing guitar at the age of 11, and rocked out for 33 years. But while working on Memoirs of Elise I discovered and fell hopelessly in love with classical music. This inspired the composition of two filmscore-like music CDs, with a third one in the works.
     My most recent book is a political chronicle of the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections.

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