Author/composer David Gurnee moved to Mackinac Island in 1997 after writing Memoirs of Elise, his proposed sequel/prequel to Somewhere in Time. His four-year sojourn on Mackinac Island inspired two romantic instrumental music CDs, The Winds of Time and Coming Home, and a second romantic time travel novel, A Love of Time. Established the Mackinac Island Film Company and is working on numerous projects including a motion picture version of his novel, A Love of Time.


Memoirs of Elise
This novella is permanently out-of-print and is not available from WindTime Publications.

My motive for writing the story was simply to outline my ideas for a prequel movie to Somewhere in Time, and I have to say, the real-life historical context was uncanny, and the story pretty much wrote itself. It is not exhaustive, only suggestive, and if you know the history, then you know it went all the way to the top of Universal for consideration. They didn't "get it", but SIT fans did, and I'm quite fulfilled just knowing that.
David L. Gurnee, September 2002

"David has beautifully captured and built on the mood and mystery of Richard Matheson's original story of Somewhere in Time. Memoirs of Elise will be very satisfying for those (and they are many) who love that story and desperately want more." Bill Shepard, author of The Somewhere In Time Story Behind the Scenes of the Making of the Romantic Fantasy Motion Picture.

"Tremendously moving and heart-felt. I was never in favor of a sequel (or prequel) to Somewhere in Time. Memoirs of Elise has changed my mind!" Steve Ellis, author of The Somewhere In Time Trivia Book.

"Elise's journey is moving and a joy to read as it offers a glimpse into a character we met only briefly in Somewhere in Time." Stacey Snider, Co-President of Production Universal Pictures.

"Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed your novella Memoirs of Elise. It moved me to tears!" Julie Q., IA

"I finished and the tears came gushing out. Very true to the original story." Debie G., CA

"It made me feel all the emotions that I felt when I first saw Somewhere In Time." Rich N., WV

"I read it again, and I cried again." Christa G., MI

"It was wonderful!! I was completely drawn into it, just as I was with the movie (SIT)." Sharon A., IL

"I am reading it for the third time. WONDERFUL!!! I cannot find the words to tell you what a marvelous work you have produced. I was spellbound the entire time as a read Elise's story." Karen P., MI

"Memoirs of Elise truly is wonderful. It brought me to tears many times. I wish I could express how much your work has touched my heart." Margaret R., NH

"I wasn't sure how I felt about a sequel (prequel?) to my favorite movie. I thought it might change my conception of the movie or the cinematic experience itself. However, your fine story remained faithful to the original story right down the line, and filled in spaces we all knew were there but hadn't been brought to our attention. Thank you again for enhancing an already magical experience." Kim S., MI

"FANTASTIC! I was close to tears (the good kind) by the end. Such excellent parallels to the Matheson novel. After reading Memoirs of Elise, the film SIT has taken on a new poignancy for me. Though the film has always been very special to me, your added background (foreground?) has added so much to the story for me to ponder over. I'm just going over some of the phrases from your novella . . . I'm getting chills just thinking about them." Glen N., CA

"So much to ponder over, recall, think about. I loved it to death. I can't put into words how this story inspired me." Kim S., NY

"I want to tell you how much I enjoyed Memoirs of Elise. I am a big fan of Somewhere in Time, both the book and the movie, and your work furthers the story so beautifully, and ties up elements in a way both convincing and surprising." Mary D., IL

"Usually, I regard any ideas about sequels, prequels to the cinematic treasure that is Somewhere In Time and the classic love story, Bid Time Return with a scoff attitude. It was wonderful! Very touching! I thought afterward, now here is someone who has approached this delicate subject and produced something that can be thought of with fondness much in the same way as the beloved original story." Roger S., IL

"The book is wonderful. You answered the questions that movie fans have wondered about. I would love to see this book brought to life as a movie. The ending was wonderful and it made me cry just like the movie does each time I watch it." Kelly G., PA

"Ahhhh, it was wonderful. I really loved how Memoirs answered so many of the questions I had. Beautiful ending. It was a real pleasure to read." Martha P., WI

"What a wonderful story! I longed to imagine some kind of closure to the loose ends of SIT and you created them." Joanne K., NJ

"I read Bid Time Return cover to cover, but I still felt like there was something missing - like a jigsaw with a piece missing - not just a background piece - but the most important piece that completed the picture. I got a copy of Memoirs and finally, I felt like I could lay everything to rest. The jigsaw was complete and I felt happy inside - romantically happy, like when you first fall in love." Sarah M., United Kingdom

"I finally got to read the book and I cried just remembering the original and how much they loved each other. Thank you for a beautiful story that took me 'back in time.'" Heather M., CA

"It was wonderful! You did a beautiful job of bringing those wonderful characters back to life. I thank you so much for writing a sequel that not only does the movie justice, but adds to the wonder of the story." Mary W., TX

"I don't where to begin. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. My wife also read it and we both agree it MUST be made into a movie. It was like the characters from SIT came to life again. This will make such a good movie." Larry C., MO

"It was wonderful. The language is perfect for Elise. Truly, it is a great story." Emily B., OH

"What a treat! You captured the essence of who we all knew Elise to be! I enjoyed it so much!" Risa D., OR

"Unbelievable. It bridges the link between being inside the heads of Richard and Elise of what we see in the movie and what was read in Bid Time Return. Intense and riveting are understatements. Thanks for allowing me to relive the 'Is it you' moment once again. David A., NY

"Thank you so much for sharing your vision - it is truly the other half of the story that needs to be told." Linda A., FL

"Your book brought her to tears. She's in love with it." Bob M., NY

"I cried while reading the last page. I used to think that Scarlett and Rhett had the great love - not any more." Dorothy F., IL

"I couldn't help but see Jane Seymour in my mind's eye as the elder Elise who, after 19 years of self-imposed exile, has decided to face the past, embrace the present, and look forward to the future." Gerald K., CA

"Being a fanatic of filmmaking, I was pleasantly surprised to find your novelette quite easy to visualize. There was no way not to see Jane Seymour and Christopher Plummer in their roles once again." Jon W., CA

"I read your book and I couldn't put it down! My Grandma also read it and agreed that the book most definitely should be a movie!" Mia A., PA

"It was so wonderful!!! I can understand now why you have said that 'it is a movie that has been condensed into a book.' I could just picture all of the scenery and I could hear the music. OUTSTANDING! Janet P., IN

"It was wonderful, very moving. It will be a treasured part of my book collection. It would be truly wonderful as a movie." Lynda B., MI

"I just finished reading your book Memoirs of Elise and all I can say is thank you for such a moving book. I was moved to tears when I read it. Even as I write this letter I am listening to the music to Somewhere in Time but this time from a different perspective thanks to your book and your vision. I truly hope with all of my heart that your book is the foundation for a sequel to Somewhere in Time. Thank you for making a great story even better." Jeff H., OH

"My father introduced me to the movie Somewhere in Time about eight years ago and I fell in love with it. But it left questions that needed to be answered and your story did answer them. I can't wait for the movie to come." Edward K., FL

"I finished the novella, and all I can say is, when can I see it on the screen? It's great. If they don't produce this as the sequel it's because they're completely out of touch with reality. It deserves to be `The Sequel' to SIT." William G., FL

"BRAVO!!! I was captivated from the opening of the book. Memoirs of Elise is the only way that a script could be managed to be in keeping with the original movie Somewhere in Time." Michelle B., MI

"It was wonderful. I certainly hope MEMOIRS is made into a movie; it's a wonderful follow-up and I can almost envision the movie (the story painted a vivid mind picture). I'm listening to the music CD and it's so beautiful and will be a powerful adjunct to the movie that will hopefully be made." Pat W., MI

"Your novella was great! Enjoyed it immensely. It sure wouldn't be hard to turn it into a movie. You have a very fluid style. Easy to read and fast-moving. Great job!" Chris K., MI

"I read Memoirs of Elise and was spellbound." Tony B., United Kingdom

"The story was very true to original story. And your work fulfilled my dilemma that I wondered how Elise spent 60 years without Richard. While reading, I felt as if the music was playing in the background. Thank you very very much for a wonderful novel!" Shinya O., Japan

"An excellent book. It is very true to the film, but I also appreciated where you managed to link it to Bid Time Return. The last few pages were very moving. I hope to see Memoirs of Elise on the screen one day." Nick H., United Kingdom

"I love Memoirs of Elise SO much. It was as though I felt her pain in my own soul. It's truly a wonderful story and so is the music. It's haunting and emotional and it really captures the essence of the story." Lina B., Sweden

"The music is very beautiful and haunting. I was in the perfect mood to read Memoirs of Elise and was overwhelmed by how perfectly you describe her emotions." Alexander H., Germany

"I had to tell you how much I am enjoying The Winds of Time. The music envelopes you and takes you back - somewhere in time." Robin T., WI

"A book with an uncommon and stunning beauty. The music is as special as the book." Cassandra. P., WV

"I finished Memoirs of Elise and from beginning to end I felt goosebumps, tears and such a profound feeling of happiness. And as for the music, The Winds of Time - so haunting and powerful. Your writing brought me such wonderful emotions. I can't wait for the movie." Barbara D., AL

"The music is wonderful. This story is needed for the `90's. The story is serious, loving, inspiring, nostalgic, and a bit tragic." James T., FL

"The music is absolutely wonderful. I found it not only to be enchanting and enthralling, but extremely haunting. The story is as lovely and haunting as the music." Becky C., WI

"I read Memoirs of Elise last evening; it is exquisite. I will read it again and again. The continuation of her story captured my senses and heart. The poignancy of the music and Elise's story; it's beyond anything I could ever have hoped for." Judy K., CA

"It was fantastic. Your depiction of Elise is exquisite, not to mention you actually brought some humanity to Robinson. The music accompanies the story so beautifully. I can't imagine having one without the other." Kristen C., NC

"Oh my, what a wonderful story! It so completes the picture of SIT! I couldn't put it down once I started, and the ending was absolutely beautiful! The music is very beautiful." Bobbi B., WI

"I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed listening to the cd's...beautiful music! I began reading Memoirs of Elise and did not put it down until I had read the last page! It was magical to once again become involved in the life of Elise McKenna." Maureen W., SC

"I just finished reading 'Memoirs' this moment and using up a box tissues!! It was great!" Diane D., NJ

"I could not put it down until I read it completely. I put on the soundtrack music from 'Somewhere In Time'... I almost felt as if it were Elise telling the story...simply a beautiful book." Theresa G., SC

"Memoirs of Elise answered all of those 'what if' questions. It brought peace to Elise. I don't believe it could have been written any other way. YES, your story needs to be on screen!!" Jodi D., AK

"I read it in one sitting last night. While I was hesitant about anyone touching my favorite story, I really felt like you captured Elise's voice perfectly. I finally got the answers I was looking for after Richard disappeared. Your description of how he was absorbed into the room - was PERFECT. Your writing style was fast paced and exciting... descriptive without being too wordy. Thank you for writing this book." Lisa B., FL